Our Practice Areas


Business Litigation

Having trouble with your business partners or investors? Our creative team of attorneys are well seasoned in commercial and business litigation.

Insurance recovery and bad faith litigation

Has your insurance company denied you the benefits you paid for? Let us recover your damages.

Entertainment Litigation

The entertainment industry is a world of its own. That is why an experienced entertainment litigator is crucial. Let’s talk about your case.

EMployment Litigation

Problems at work? Wrongfully fired? Let’s talk about that. We are ready to assist you!

Intellectual Property Litigation

We represent inventors and entrepreneurs against major companies that steal their intellectual property.

Real Property Litigation

Real estate is a difficult business, and lawsuits only make it harder. Add us to your team to protect your interests and guide you through any problems

Trade Secrets and Unfair COmpetition Litigation

Have you been accused of stealing trade secrets? Is a competitor competing unfairly? Either way, we can help.